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Oct 10, 2012 5:30pm EDT
the shooting of a child. ccild. keith daniels streaminn live at city hall story you saw first on fox.. ////////////////////keith/////// //////// jeff and jennifer.... mayor stephanie rawlings blake reminded us today.. that officer john ward is still on admiiistrative leave.. desppie tte city state's attorneyys office decissin to not charge him wiih any crime. ////////////////////vo////////// ////// 3&p rosecutors made the decision in august.. but after we called following up on the innestigation. in a statement.. prosecutorr say simply..ttere's insufficient against ward. the officer was under investigation following the march shooting &pdeath of 13-year-old monae turnage. ward, who's out the eastern district,,was suspended when policc found the gun that killed the girl in the ttunk of ward's personal car. prosecutors say he won'' facc criminall &pcharges.. and the mayor ///////////////////sot////////// //////// (mayor rawlings bbake) "i stand by what i saad before.... officer, thhught of the allegations.. itts hard to imaaine the ppin that that would cause that family. she
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm EDT
from ever... legally owwing a firearm. the city is not looking to add to it's arsenal of speedd cameras. that's what transportatiio officials disclosse today at the first meeeing of a speed camera task forcee the roup is studying how to best manage the system that issues hundreds of phouuands of tickets annually. &p city officials sayytte next phase of improving the cities reddlight nd speed cameras willlfocus on mainttnaning it. hhw are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brrndi proctor has our traffic dge report. repoot. maplibertt40shawanmaa395map with halloween just dayy away no one can appreciate the lovee elephants. like the with the help of tww afriiann elephants the maryyand zoo weekend. toddy dolly and anna took part ann many were able to watch them crush the 2-hhndred-pound pumpkins with their feet,, head, and tuskk but ttis weekend may not be all fun and expecting toohit alliiore. but zoo officials saa they are prepared foo anything. "we haveea lot of ouu staff oo grounds thats preparing for a doing a lot oo things like getting all the gas canisters generators and cars s
Oct 23, 2012 5:30pm EDT
to meet with him to discuss the plan... before endorsing it herself. 3 a... first on fox... pollow up .. to... an investigation.../ how crimes... in... city schools.../ are... tracked... &p andd.. √°possibly√°... we found ... alarmed ...a... citt council addiiss.. he's... concerned. in... the... pass nine months..../ more than city schools...//. crimes... that... were not reported... to... baltimore an... in-house referrals &pp..wass.. written up....// an... internal form ...that can keepp...crime numbers loo... aa... well key indicator... used to iiennify... persistantly... dangerous schools... in 23:12:57 i think we ssoull &preport crimee of violence assaults weapons to the baltimore city police also so we ave a better handle on what is going on in some oo our schools. :10 :100 the director ...of... safety for baltimore city schools ...says... / crime... s not... beiig... coverrd up... by the use... of... in-house referrals..../// the f-d-a is now investigating an enerry drink company after the death of a maryland teenage. teenager.mmnster neegy is ye
Oct 24, 2012 5:30pm EDT
... investigation.../ investigation.../ at issue, is baatimoreeschools are going unreported to city police. police. crime and justice reporterrjoy lepola is live at school headquarttrsswith these latest developmentssin a storyy we brroght you first on fox. &p following ourrrrpprts and now concerns expressed by teachers.... the mayoo has vowed to sit down withhschool oversees the baltimore city public school system. as our investiiatiin has -&un crimes are being handlld in-house rather thhn reported to baatimore cityypolice. in the past nine months.... schooo police wrote twiceeas many in-house referrals than a weapon was recoverd. ore than 150 assaults also went here's what the mayor and former police commissioner hadd toosay regarding the roublingg trend and threat to ssfety. ((wipe-sot)) (mayor) 11:29:23 our teaahers work too hard and make oo any sacrificee to ensure fuuure of our communiiy dessrve to work in a safe envvronment. :35butt bite (norris) 12:21:26 if you have peads to a dannerous ou're - atmosphere first off it tells the kids who are perprating the crimessthaa weee nott ser
Oct 22, 2012 5:30pm EDT
...but officer jaaes harriion was convicted of 2-nd degree assault in the beating. 3 &p first on fox...controversy crimm. connerrs that assaults and weapons confiscated from students are beinn hanlded internnlly, instead of being referrrd to city police. fox repoot and fooud dozenssof l internally. it's a practice d school poliie union officials say is on the rise...and tonight ttey are raising qqestions about why 1:42240"" uess onn would this, hat's a quussion that needs to e answered, who stands to ain." gain."sccool fficiils say the eeough to rrfer to city police the... parents ...of a... 14-year- old... hagerstown girl... p who died december.../ are... suing ennrgy drink company.../ .arguing... tte caffeine... in tte drink... her death..../ they... say... their daaghter... / aaais... four--ner... suffered... a heart &pattack... after.. drinking two ... 24-ounne... monster beverage drinks... in... a day...///. an... autopsy died.... because... of... caffeine toxicity. one erssn has died an
Oct 3, 2012 5:30pm EDT
:30. 3- bullying is noo beiig blamed in a stabbing that occuued inside a bbltimore city high school on monday. happened at heritage high in the lake clifton complex. police arrested a 17 year old seniir in connnction withhthe violence. darrell johns faces several charges... including attempted first teen's bbil review this thee - morning, johns' attorney told real victim. is client is the p3&8:46:399it appears that thhr are two vastly different storiie ere the state has made a claim of attempted client nd his other :50 it seems to be a case of self defenne ann bullying where the system faiied my clienn ::2 attorney has been given n additional 4 hours to gathee evidence and witnesses to support his bullying defense. wire tappiig investigation ral helped shut down a major drug ring opeeation in harford county. almost two dozen arrests were made in the edgewooo area. residents are relieved and tell us theegang boom boom i thought it was somebodyybreekinn intt my home but it was a rive by tomorrow, police have scheduled a news conffrence tt reveal more details about
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6